We're on a shared mission to help you thrive in a digital future where Ai is a new literacy and digital skills are no longer optional

Digitize has become a social mission and we're bringing the best people together to make it happen.

Ready to kickstart the digital economy?

an online learning platform for digital skills

Curriculum activities for the digital world

learn.wearedigitize.com is our learning platform packed with engaging activities on topics like video games and wearable tech
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a mentored skills programme for employability

Pathways to in-demand jobs and start-up enterprise

We empower employability and enterprise skills across target groups in schools and the wider community with our Digitize Pathways programmes
Digitize Pathways

a social enterprise for your community?

We partner with communities to empower Digitize skills and tech hubs

Book a call to discuss setting up a Digitize hub in your school, workplace or community. You'll empower young people to have community impact
Partner hubs

Looking for high-impact training on AI, digital marketing or digital skills?

Schools, education and learning

Empowering innovative schools with high impact training, skills programmes and creative digital products.

Digitize is empowering schools to revolutionise the school environment and redefine the curriculum. 

We’re not just teaching the skills or delivering traditional resources digitally; we’re nurturing the problem-solvers, innovators, and leaders of tomorrow!

With topics like Sustainability, Content Creators, Video games and the Internet of Things, your teachers will feel empowered to deliver impactful IDL lessons and courses that use future-focused topics to develop in-demand skills

Business and Enterprise

Empowering flourishing businesses with game-changing coaching and mind-blowing solutions to any problem.

Imagine a world where your business can flourish with the efficiency of AI-driven data analytics, content creation, and market insights – all finely tuned by human creativity. With Digitize, that world is your reality. Our solutions are tailored to elevate your brand, streamline your operations, and catapult your enterprise into a new era of innovation and growth.

Charities and Third Sector

Empowering impactful campaigns

Charities, the lifeline of societal support, can now amplify their impact with Digitize. Our AI-driven outreach tools maximise engagement, and our operational automations ensure that every penny is accounted for and every effort is made towards your noble cause.

educators creatives developers learners parents marketers leaders entrepreneurs content creators architects innovators engineers

Think of a collective of Ai-powered humans who were already digitally smart and imagine what we can do for you

We build awesome websites and digital products using AI alongside creative human insight


Ai-powered content at scale

We generate top quality content at a scale that will change the game

Ai has changed the world and we’ve got the tools you need to maximise the opportunity. GPT-4 powered products that are game-changers for learning, life and work/ enterprise.

Our team has mastered the potential of generative Ai combined with human creativity and insight and those cost-savings can now be passed to you as we’re able to create at scale like never before.

Solutions and opportunities

Empowering entire communities to thrive in the digital world

We are on a mission to empower everyone to make the most of the opportunities our digital world offers.

We’ll empower schools, businesses and organisations by helping them find Ai and digital solutions to challenges and problems they’ve been facing for years.

Our game-changing solutions and training insights will make sure your teams stay on top of this digital world and keep pace with the revolutionary opportunities to do more with less.

Creative products

We build apps and websites and provide digital agency services

Digitize hubs are staffed by a collaborative team of our digital and Ai agents. We provide services and support for all things digital and ai: Web, apps, VR, SASS, SEO, branding and design, video, training, Ai, digital strategy, automation, and digital marketing.

By bringing our collective expertise to your communities, we can ensure you have a collective team of experts in your community and know that there’s a commitment to invest in young people.

We've developed a learning platform and workshop programme for digital skills to support learners from nursery through to the elderly


Employability Pathways

We get young people into digital careers and enterprise

We’ve developed various Pathways programmes to support people into digital careers. Of our first FT 12 mnth cohort, 100% of graduates went on to FT work in digital roles or a start-up enterprise.


Our secondary school ASD pilot saw a group of socially anxious young people re-engage with education and build their confidence and skills with digital pathways. The feedback from parents and the school was astounding!

Digital Skills workshops

From kids tech jams to digital life cafes for the elderly

Our core mission is to empower our community to thrive with opportunities enabled by generative Ai’s, the internet, social media, digital workspaces, VR, and education technology.


Our Digitize Skills Hubs run a comprehensive programme of workshops, skills pathways and training courses aimed at helping everyone make the most of the digital world, whatever that means for them.


Strategic digital and Ai coaching

Digitize people will make sure your business is our business

Our strategic agents will work with you as a business owner or organisational leader to develop a strategy that will drive your business forward with AI and automation. 

We’ll support you with leadership workshops and 1:1 mentoring programmes to make sure your business is set up to benefit from the massive opportunities we have right now.

We're looking for digitally-capable creatives, young people and educators like us to run Digitize hubs in your schools and communities

We're collective in our shared mission

and united in our shared values

To develop people and products

To support schools, workplaces and business

To support communities

And empower sustainable wealth systems

And redefine what we learn and how we work

As lifelong learners in the digital world

We'll provide full support, training and all web content, workshops and our learning platform to anyone who wants to join us...

Schools and education

What if we could empower schools to redefine learning by making it easy to deliver engaging digital lessons and digital work experience?


We've developed an activity-based learning platform for real-world digital and meta skills

We’ve developed a learning platform packed with engaging activities and projects to support schools and education to redefine what their curriculum delivery looks like in the digital world. We’ll provide whole-school access for a low-cost annual fee.


Mentored Pathways skills programme and digital work experience

We’ve developed a mentored real-world skills and work experience programme that has a proven impact on learners struggling to engage with traditional learning environments and qualifications. We’ve been overwhelmed with the feedback from parents, young people and their teachers.

Imagine if we empowered your learners to truly lead on digital, not just in school but across their community?


Your learners leading on digital

Children and young people develop real-world digital skills and lead on training their community. We support with a full training programme, events system and branding pack plus ongoing support to all schools who partner with us on this social enterprise mission.


Code clubs and tech jams

Our tech jams, games labs and code clubs offer after-school and holiday activity sessions that usually sell out as quickly as we can post them. We can support you to launch in your community.


E-sports programme and enterprise development sprints

Our youth programme is focused on coding, enterprise, e-sports and digital creativity for community impact. Why not get in touch to see how we could empower your youth organisation?

Community skills and wealth

What if we could empower anyone from anywhere to earn money online or start-up a business?


Start-up jams and training workshops for e-commerce and side hustles

We run programmes and training to empower everyone to start-up an online business with Amazon, Etsy and other marketplaces. Wanna be a content creator? Great! We can help. We believe anyone from anywhere can be empowered to make money online. We have a work experience 17 yr old who just launched on Etsy…


Skills programmes for in-demand work

Our courses are meticulously designed to equip learners with in-demand skills, ensuring they are well-prepared for the rapidly evolving world of work. From digital marketing and coding to communication and critical thinking, our programmes cover a spectrum of skills essential for success in various industries.  Digitize Hubs aim to unlock a world of opportunities and help you acquire the skills that employers are actively seeking in today’s competitive landscape.


Start-up support and brand development

The internet has truly democratised entrepreneurship, allowing anyone, regardless of their location, to tap into the vast opportunities of the global marketplace and chart their own path to success. Our Digitize hubs support people in your community to start-up a business with v low costs


Cafe sessions for groups who need essential skills

We run cafe skills sessions for elderly groups and orthers excluded from e.g. digital banking due to lack of skills and confidence. Why not get in touch to partner with us to deliver a programme like this for your community?


Gig economy training and support

The future of work is very different from what we’ve come to accept as the traditional model. Gig work often relies on digital platforms and technology. Apps and websites connect workers with employers, streamlining the job search process and making it more accessible.

About Us

Who we are

A bunch of people committed to a mission: to help our communities thrive in the digital world and benefit from the opportunities offered by AI and the internet

Our Commitment: Digitize is more than a service provider; we’re a community partner. We’re committed to creating sustainable wealth by investing in local talents, providing job opportunities, and ensuring the benefits of digital transformation are shared by all. Our training and support programmes are designed to foster self-sufficiency, empowering every user to not only navigate the digital landscape but to master it.

The Digitize Promise: Join us on this journey of transformation. Together, we can build a future where technology elevates every aspect of community life. With Digitize, you’re not just adapting to the changes; you’re leading them.

Let’s innovate, educate, and empower – for a smarter, more connected world. That’s the power of community. That’s the power of Digitize.

We're already building partners

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